Why Accessibility Is Important In Web Design

Why Accessibility Is Important In Web Design

When you’re designing a website for your small business, web accessibility probably isn’t something you consider or put near the top of your list. But when you’re looking for help with web development in Marlow it could pay to explore how to make your website more accessible.

A recent article for Entrepreneur explained that online accessibility should be viewed in the same way as the physical accessibility of a store, for instance. Failing to do so could have long-term consequences for your business, as you’ll be turning off a whole raft of potential customers.

Web accessibility refers to the concept that everyone with disabilities can use your website. That means you need to account for the use of tools like screen readers when you’re designing for the web.

Failing to do so could see you losing a large proportion of potential customers. The news provider noted that people with disabilities comprise around ten per cent of all online spending. That’s a big group of people to alienate and potentially send to your competitors.

Among the steps you can take to make your site accessible are to ensure all text is compatible with screen readers, as well as making sure there’s high contrast between colours to help those with colour blindness navigate your site. All photos should have a text alternative too.

Don’t forget about designing for different devices – and think about accessibility in this respect too. Confused about the difference between responsive and adaptive web design? Take a look at our post about when to use which and what the differences are.

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