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“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” – Albert Einstein.


Top Three Social Media Marketing Trends For 2023 Revealed

To boost your social media marketing management this year and target a greater audience online, make sure you read up on the latest social networking trends.


Moments When A Company’s Brand Is Shattered | Crisp Digital

Here are moments when we saw a company’s brand values shatter in front of our eyes and what happened next, from immediate catastrophe to slow decline.


Moments Of Immediate Regret In Branding | Crisp Digital

Some brands last forever. Others continue to constantly refresh themselves and others know when to reinvent. Some branding decisions are immediately regretted.


Create Content Calendar Ahead Of Christmas

Christmas is an incredibly busy period for everyone, including businesses, as it represents excellent opportunities to target customers and clients.


Brands That Became Unsalvageable

Given how much time, effort and investment go into establishing a well-known brand, it is understandable why many businesses are reticent to completely abandon a well-known marque even if it becomes associated with negativity.


When Audiences Shape A Brand

Effective branding is about a business and a brand keeping one step ahead of what their audience expects, needs and wants out of them.


The Lessons We Can Learn From Major Branding Mistakes

A successful branding exercise solidifies and forms the basis of sales and marketing efforts, with the latter focusing on spreading the values and iconography of a brand.


What We Can Learn From The UK’s Most Loved Adverts

One of the most interesting things about marketing and advertising is that how to succeed and exactly what success entails depends so strongly on the brand itself


Why Renewing Keywords Is Vital For SEO

There will be plenty of companies trying to use SEO in High Wycombe to make their content more likely to be found in search engines, with the aim of getting more potential customers to be aware of what they do and start on the buyer journey. But some will be more successful in their SEO […]


The Pros And Cons Of Facebook Ads

If you want to get your company noticed, there are many online routes to doing so. A good website is a must, but first you must draw in visitors.  Producing content with good SEO can play a major role, but it takes time to build up authority. Even the best content will take at least […]


The Most Surprisingly Important Rebranding Campaigns

Rebranding a company, product or business often poses a range of unique challenges.


Fascinating Branding Faux-Pas Made By Major Companies

Even the best and most successful companies in the world don’t always get branding right. Here are some of the most unique examples.


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