When To Use Adaptive Or Responsive Web Design

When To Use Adaptive Or Responsive Web Design

We’re all using our smartphones for more and more activities. That means people need to be able to browse your website on a smaller screen. Not scaling your site for tablets and smartphones isn’t really an option any longer, especially as Google has stated it will penalise sites that don’t cater for those viewing on mobile.

You’ll most often hear about responsive web design when it comes to mobile web development, but there is also an adaptive web design.

The difference is that in a responsive design the whole layout scales up or down depending on the size of the screen it’s being viewed on, while in an adaptive design there’s a specific layout created for different screen sizes and the relevant one is loaded depending on the device you’re viewing on, IT Pro Portal explained.

However, the difficulty with adaptive designs is that they don’t always cater to every screen size, and that means your site might not display perfectly on every device.

You might wonder why you’d use adaptive design at all if this is the case, but as with many things there are different options depending on your needs. For example, a new website being developed should be a responsive design.

If you’re retrofitting an existing site, however, the news provider points out that adaptive design is often easier to implement “and you’ll see as many benefits”. The key to reaping the most rewards from taking an adaptive design approach is to audit your site’s data to find out what devices people are browsing on most often so that you can focus on developing those layouts.

We recently pointed out that businesses also need to think about smartwatches and how these are affecting web design too, with one in six adults in the US now wearing this kind of tech.

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