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Marketing Performance

3 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance

While the past year has definitely belonged to social media marketing, email marketing is still an important way to connect with customers. It’s free, direct, targeted and time controlled. You can get your message in front of the eyes of your potential client, which is why it is essential to design your emails well. Social […]

Digital Marketing

The Most Important Metric in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is filled with so many different metrics that it can be difficult for a small business to understand what constitutes success. Items such as CPM (cost per 1000 views), impression and click-through rates are often the biggest metrics that are showcased and are used to measure success. However, the true metric businesses need […]

Web Design And Coding

What Makes Digital Marketing So Effective?

Going digital has proved to be highly lucrative for several businesses, so here are some reasons why digital marketing has proven so effective.

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