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Why Getting Your Mobile Apps Right Matters So Much

Having an app is a great way for a firm to deliver mobile services. It is custom-designed for mobile users, can offer swift and easy access to services and its sheer presence gives customers a reminder of your firm and what it can offer.

You may already have understood that this is so and be currently looking for experts in mobile app development in Buckinghamshire.

However, getting anyone to develop an app may not be enough. You need experts who can get it right to meet both your needs and that of your customers, because the reality is that there are many great apps out there but also some that leave a lot to be desired. In the latter case, these can often damage the reputation of the companies that issue them.

The quality of an app will certainly not go unnoticed. For example, one article by TechRound highlighted a survey by pCloud of reviews given on The App Store and Google Play that reflected user experiences during the pandemic and therefore showed which apps came up short and which won plenty of praise.

Some gained very high ratings, not least companies that were involved in food deliveries when millions were locked down. Deliveroo, Dominos, and Just Eat, for instance, were all in the top 20 rated apps in the survey.

Embarrassingly for the tech giant, it was Google Classroom that came out with the worst rating. Other familiar names whose apps performed badly included Nandos, while dating apps tended to perform particularly badly.

Commenting on this, digital marketing manager at pCloud Ivan Dimitrov observed that many people used dating apps during the pandemic because they still wanted to get to know others and form relationships, despite the social isolation.

Given this, he added: “It is disappointing to see huge revenue-generating apps such as Bumble, Grindr, and Tinder fall into the league for lowest-rated apps across both App Store and Google Play.”

As technology advances and lessons are learned, apps should, in theory, all be great now, but this is far from the case. There are certainly some very good ones out there, with TechRadar’s list of the best Android apps in 2023 including the One Deep Breath; Relax and Sleep app, AI imaging app Lensa and Photo Editor Pro.

However, even now some are poor and TechRadar’s article begins by acknowledging this, stating: “The best Android apps can be tough to find, as there are millions of apps available and not all of them are good.”

Bad apps are often associated with poor service. A prime example is the energy firm Scottish Power. Consumer organisation Which? rated it the worst energy firm for service this year, an all-too-familiar tale.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, to see that the company’s app is listed in reviews on Trustpilot as being one of the major flaws, often not working and failing to provide any service benefits. This tends to add to the frustrations of customers already beset by poor service.

What all this shows is that having an app is not enough. It must be a good one that works well, delivers the service it promises and offers users something extra they can’t get elsewhere.


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