Twitter To Let People Follow Topics

Twitter To Let People Follow Topics

Twitter is considering rolling out functionality that will allow users to follow topics in the same way they follow people.

This change will also allow people to mute topics. This means that if you haven’t caught up on the latest Great British Bake Off or Game of Thrones (we know…) episode, then you can make sure you don’t get any spoilers until you are good and ready. These changes are being proposed as a result of internal research into how Twitter can polarise people in a negative way, and findings include the suggestion that allowing people to like and retweet can promote outrage and polarisation on the platform.

The topics will be curated by Twitter, though they admit they will not be able to create all the topics all users would like to see. At present sports topics can be followed, and it is suspected that any future options to follow would be the same as this functionality.

It is hoped that by introducing this functionality so-called ‘Tweetstorms’ will be easier to follow as people will be able to get them to show in their feeds. This could revolutionise the way campaigning groups are able to harness public engagement, and the way people can find out up-to-the-second information about events such as a terrorist attack or traffic delays, or dare we say a snowstorm.

“We think that altogether this will make Twitter a more powerful interest platform,” said Wally Gurzynski, a product manager at the company.

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