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The Benefits of Facebook Ads

If you want to use social media advertising in your campaign strategy, Facebook is a great place to start.

While there are many options available via different social channels, this is one platform that offers a multitude of advantages that can help make a real impact.

Firstly, every advertising campaign should start with awareness. This is the first part of the buyer funnel – you need folk to know you exist before they can start considering what you have to offer and then move onto the key stage of making a buyer decision.

The reason Facebook is great for this is simple; getting awareness means reaching as many people as possible. The fact Facebook has higher usage than any other social media site and 80 per cent of internet users are on it means you have a far greater potential penetration.

Better still, you can tailor your advertising, as Facebook collects data on profiles and will enable you to target the demographics you need to focus on, such as particular age groups, or people who have shown an interest in topics related to your products or services.

Facebook is among the cheapest options for social media ads too. And above all, it is effective. It is known to get leads fast, and it does drive revenues and sales.

However, it must be noted that there are potential downsides to Facebook ads, so you need to have some expert help to get your campaign right.

For example, if you aim at the wrong audience or it is too broad, you may use up your daily budget without reaching the right people, meaning your return on investment is too low.

Also, you will need to keep updating your advertising copy, which can take up a fair bit of time, and you have limited character space, so it can be hard to hit just the right note in your advertising messages.

This is exactly why you need experts on hand to help you, freeing up your precious time for other things, fine-tuning your message and making sure you are targeting just the right people.

Contact us today so the best Facebook ads agency in Berkshire can get your campaign up and running.

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