SEO Optimisation For Driving Holiday Traffic

SEO Optimisation For Driving Holiday Traffic

With Christmas just around the corner, there’s still time to optimise your website’s SEO to make the most of the potential for increased sales.

Online retail has grown exponentially in recent years, and according to Google, the 2018 holiday shopping season saw an 18.4 per cent growth in online sales compared to the previous year.

Ecommerce is clearly here to stay, and while this offers a great opportunity to online retailers, competition is fiercer than ever, making SEO optimisation a non-negotiable for your business.

The increasing tendency of shoppers towards ecommerce makes it even more important for traditional business owners to make sure their websites are SEO-optimised, since shoppers use Google to search for gift inspiration in their local area.

Not only that, but desperate last-minute shoppers are likely to search for the type of business they are looking for on their smartphones. The results that show up will depend on local SEO, so you want to make sure you optimise your Google My Business profile.

Whether you are an ecommerce or physical business, there are steps you can take to drive more traffic to your site.

One of the most important is to optimise your website for mobile. Customers do a lot of research on their smartphones before committing to a purchase, whether on or offline, but a one-second delay in load time can reduce conversions by up to 20 per cent.

You’ll also want to be very specific with your keywords – terms like “Christmas gift ideas” will have you competing with a much higher number of results than long tail terms such as “gift ideas for someone who plays guitar”.

However, the best way to maximise your Christmas sales is through a long-term SEO optimisation strategy that will drive traffic to your website throughout the year.

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