Internet Connections ‘Now More Important Than Ever’

Internet Connections ‘Now More Important Than Ever’

The government’s lockdown has meant that Brits rely on the internet more than ever before, which is why your investment in the best SEO in London will definitely pay off.

As people are unable to go to the office to work, children have been forced to undertake home distance learning, and households all over the country are staying in touch with each other and keeping up with their usual social activities on video conferencing programmes, the demand for efficient, high-speed internet has never been greater. revealed that while many areas of the country have improved their digital speed over the last year, there are some places where it continues to fall below the Universal Service Obligation (USO).

With the UK on lockdown, internet connectivity is more important than ever, whether it be for working from home or streaming movies and TV shows. While it is encouraging that broadband speed has improved in some parts of the country, there is still some way to go,” commented head of digital at the price comparison site Holly Niblett.

She stated a lack of connectivity “could be a serious cause for concern”, particularly as so many people are working from home and require good internet speeds to carry out their job efficiently. Similarly, school children are doing all their learning via websites and apps, putting extra pressure on the system.

As so many people are constantly online at the moment, it is essential to make your website stand out and your SEO to be strong to attract as much business as possible and take advantage of the increased online traffic.

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