ASOS Commits To Spending More On Digital Marketing

ASOS Commits To Spending More On Digital Marketing

Online fashion retailer ASOS has announced its plans to increase its digital marketing strategy spending in order to boost traffic to the website.

It has experienced a “challenging” six months, with its pre-tax profits falling by 87 per cent to £4 million in the half-year leading to February 28th 2019 compared with the same period in 2018.

The BBC reported that marketing changes, including launching 200 versions of its website depending on which country the user logged on, resulted in a fall of the firm’s search engine rankings. This hit to its SEO strategy meant the retail giant was harder to find online and was unable to attract the same level of interest as previously.

This is why ASOS’ chief executive officer Nick Beighton confirmed it will “upweight” its digital marketing expenditure, despite retaining the same marketing budget, Marketing Week revealed.

Therefore, a bigger focus will go towards online publicity as opposed to other traditional marketing methods.

Mr Beighton stated: “Our propositions are still marketing leading or as good as local, our main issue has been a slowdown in customer acquisition, particularly among the younger demographic.”

In order to remedy this, it wants to boost the “velocity of conversations with customers”, increasing consumer engagement; and double its influencer activity investment, encouraging more social media figures to advertise its products.

This includes having influencers appear at several music festivals over the USA, such as the ‘Life is Beautiful’ event in Las Vegas. If it can effectively use this digital marketing technique to make headway in America, it could potentially tap into a $400 billion (£305.44 billion) apparel market.

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