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4 Tips to Keep People Coming Back to Your Website

Fluctuating visitor numbers to your website can be distressing when you’ve spent time and money getting your website up and running.

Not only do you want to attract people to your website, but to get high traffic numbers, you also want people to keep coming back too. From stale content to glitchy features that turn people away, we have had a look at four tips to ensure your website gets the traffic it deserves.


Provide Quality Content

Quality content and making sure that your visitors get everything they need from your website means they won’t want to go anywhere else. Content includes all of the images, text, videos, links, buttons and any other features your site is made up of.

Audit all of the content on your site and be ruthless in removing or changing anything that’s letting you down. Avoid content that is copied from elsewhere, as it is not only obvious to visitors, but it is also bad for your SEO and may get you in a bit of a bother if it is copyrighted.


Improve the User Experience

Messy menus, endless, unbroken walls of text, and bad colour schemes need to go. It can be difficult to narrow down unless you have the expert help of web design professionals in Maidenhead.


Fix Any Glitches

Nobody likes clicking on a link to find the page doesn’t exist or doesn’t load properly, and is likely to turn visitors away instead of enticing them back to further explore your website in the future. When launching your website, ask friends and family to play around with it to weed out any errors, or hire a team of web design experts who know what to look for.


Start A Blog

Stale content is the enemy of Google, and why would visitors want to come back and visit if there’s nothing new to see? A blog is a great way to connect to your audience with fresh content and to share to social media for free marketing.

In conclusion, to ensure you have repeat visitors to your site, do not neglect your user experience, content or marketing efforts. If you need assistance from professional web design in London, we’re here to help!


To find out how Crisp can help you grow your digital revenue please contact us here or take our Digital Scorecard and find out how you can get better today.

To find out how Crisp can help you grow your digital revenue, please Contact Us or take our Digital Scorecard to find out how you can improve today.

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