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3 Key Steps To Maximise Your Social Media Marketing

The pandemic led to a major shift towards eCommerce over the past 18 months, and the use of social media as a means of connecting with customers is essential for businesses to maximise their online presence and boost brand awareness, and in turn, boost sales.

But it is one thing to acknowledge the need for social media marketing, and another to actually implement it. The competition for attention online has grown increasingly fierce, and it can be difficult to get your brand presence to stand out from the crowd.

We have some tips to help ensure you get off to a good start with your social media marketing.


  1. Ensure your social profiles are filled out and complete

It might go without saying, but this is a crucial step. To ensure brand shows up for all relevant enquiries, and to make sure your customers get all the information they need to connect with you, and ultimately buy from you, ensure you have filled out every field of your business profile, on every platform, including contact information, hours of business, etc.


  1. Conduct competitor research and establish performance benchmarks

There are many guides that tell you what you should be posting, when, and on what platform. But many of these guides are general pointers on broad engagement trends. When developing your digital marketing strategy, you will want to know, as best you can, what is relevant for your target audience, and how to find them where they are looking.

You need to conduct research in your local or niche market, and understand which of your competitors are seeing a good response on social, what they’re doing to achieve that, and how you can build your approach along similar lines.


  1. Research key content trends and interests in your sector

Next, you should research content trends to find the right hashtags to use, the key topics of interest to determine product and marketing strategies, and which platforms are more relevant for your outreach.

From this research you can develop a more solid strategy based on true audience data, instead of hypothesis, to help you refine your approach to ensure your brand name is placed in front of the right people.

A social media marketing agency in High Wycombe can help you with all of the above, leaving you to focus on running your business.


To find out how Crisp can help you grow your digital revenue please contact us here or take our Digital Scorecard and find out how you can get better today.

To find out how Crisp can help you grow your digital revenue, please Contact Us or take our Digital Scorecard to find out how you can improve today.

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