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Why WordPress Development Needs Security Expertise

WordPress is a popular and invaluable tool in website development, which is why it is so commonly deployed by companies and web developers alike.

However, that very popularity and user-friendliness means it is, sadly, always likely to be a prime target for cybercriminals, who are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities they can exploit.

The last couple of months have provided examples of this happening, but have also shown how having effective and skilled web developers on board can help guard against this problem.

For example, jetpack, a security and optimisation tool for WordPress, recently uncovered flaws in AccessPress, an application that builds themes and add-ons. This could leave up to 300,000 sites at risk of attack. It spotted this after a malicious actor managed to compromise the security apparatus, putting 40 themes and 53 plugins built with the application at risk.

All that means administration support and expertise will be important in tackling the issue. For example, jetpack warned that updating to a new version of AccessPress will not be enough to resolve the problem and a whole new download will be required.

In addition, admins will need to thoroughly check right through the systems to look for signs of any plugins being compromised. This will be a time-consuming exercise and undoubtedly firms who have outsourced web development will be glad to have experts on hand to address this.

Another recent incident involved a vulnerability found in the WordPress Email Template Designer – WP HTML Mail, which could affect up to 20,000 sites. Wordfence discovered this in December, with a patch being released on January 13th.

It is important to note that such issues do not just occur from time to time with WordPress, but all applications, as cyber criminals are always on the lookout for cracks in the security wall.

Therefore, whether you are using WordPress or any other platform, it is vital that you have experts on hand to aid with your site development, to ensure it is as secure as possible.


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