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Your Digital Revenue Journey: what? why? how?

If you have popped your head into the Crisp offices in Marlow (you are always welcome!) then you might have seen a poster of The Digital Revenue Journey on our wall, or maybe you have heard one of our team chatting about it during a networking event.

If not, then you might not have heard of The Digital Revenue Journey at all… and that is because it was mapped out by our very own Matt Crisp, and so it is unique to Crisp!

What is The Digital Revenue Journey?
The Digital Revenue Journey is designed to help you tie all of your different marketing techniques together (a bit like a map) to help you navigate how each different marketing technique contributes to your overall strategy.
It is quite common that we will see businesses who have an SEO strategy or maybe some organic social media ongoing, but they have not considered how these all fit into one strategy to ultimately bring in leads and drive revenue.

After all that is what marketing is about!  – getting your brand out to the right market, raise your profile, establish your expertise and ultimately help your customers to knock on your doors!

Why do I need a marketing strategy?

There are so many reasons! Essentially it is the same as any strategy you may put in place. Whether you are trying to achieve your business goals, sales goals, or even personal goals, a strategy will help you put the steps in place to achieve those goals (hopefully they are SMART too!), helping them to feel more attainable and less impossible!

Your marketing strategy should include:

  • SMART Goals 
  • Branding and Messaging 
  • Target Market 
  • Personas within the Target Market 
  • Competition & Market Trends Research
  • Your Unique Selling Point (USP) and Approach which sets you apart from your competitors
  • Marketing Plan (Your Digital Revenue Journey)
  • Timelines and Review points

Ahhh that might seem a lot or a bit daunting! But we promise that having this in place will give you confidence in your marketing efforts and maybe even enough to attempt facing Dragon’s Den!

Matt Crisp is our expert when it comes to marketing strategy, so if you are looking for some help in this area you know who to call!

company update

Goals, messaging and market confirmed? It’s time to consider Your Digital Revenue Journey!

Now you have a marketing strategy in place it’s time to look at how you will generate new leads and this is where Your Digital Revenue Journey comes into play.
Looking at the infographic created by our team, you can see round the outside lots of different marketing techniques the Crisp team and our trusted Partners can help you with.

Some of these are “Always On” marketing tools that you should always have running for proof of life (so that someone can find you easily) – Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media for example.
Others are marketing tools that should be used in conjunction with shorter campaigns; launching new products or deals for example – Pay Per Click, Social Ads and Print Marketing.

There are lots of other blogs explaining these marketing tools can reach different markets and we have some great resource sheets on these below for more information.

seo image

The idea with all of these marketing techniques is that they draw your customer to a focal point which captures the data of your potential lead, so that you can get in touch with them.
This focal point might be a landing page, the homepage of your website, a free piece of downloadable content behind a gateway or form, or whatever works best for your campaign, target market and your messaging.

Once your potential lead lands on this page (ha! see why it’s a landing page?) you ask for some information about them; usually a name and email address, but could be other information you need for your sales pipeline too.
At this point you can contact your new lead or start retargeting them on social media and other sites to create more touch points before they purchase.

Top tip: most users need between 10-16 touch points before they will purchase from you! Now if that is not a reason to get marketing and make sure they find you, what is!?

And once a lead comes into your CRM that is a whole other blog and the next step in your Digital Revenue Journey!

So why not get in touch to set up your Always On Marketing, and consider your campaigns!

Written by: Amy Sansom


To find out how Crisp can help you grow your digital revenue, please Contact Us or take our Digital Scorecard to find out how you can improve today.

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