Why You Should Look At SEO And PPC Together

Why You Should Look At SEO And PPC Together

Many ecommerce businesses have separate strategies for the search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

But as a recent article for Search Engine Land pointed out, you can see much greater results for both if you consider them together rather than as separate campaigns.

As the news provider noted, “while each is different, they both aim to achieve similar goals”. It also pointed out that SEO and PPC are reliant on one another and that data from one can improve the performance of the other.

It explained that one of the most effective ways to maximise your efforts is to use your SEO to ensure you rank well in organic search engine results for the keywords or phrases you’re targeting with your PPC campaigns.

This will significantly improve your company’s visibility on the first page of search engine results and help ensure consumers spot your products over other options.

You can also use the data you’ve gleaned from successful SEO to inform your PPC campaigns, and vice versa. For instance, if you run a PPC campaign and see a particular boost in traffic, this could be a good keyword or phrase to focus on optimising across your website as a whole.

Last month, an article for Search Engine Journal also explored how SEO and PPC can benefit one another. For example, it noted that the title and meta description used on a PPC campaign will be very similar to those required for organic search.

This means that if a PPC campaign does particularly well, you can take the title and meta description to help you improve the title and meta description of the relevant page in your site. If you need some help, consider getting assistance with PPC management in High Wycombe.

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