Why Page Transitions Are Vital In Ecommerce

Why Page Transitions Are Vital In Ecommerce

Consumers don’t like to wait for things. That certainly applies when they’re shopping online. As an article for The Next Web recently pointed out, one of the reasons why people have embraced online shopping is that it cuts out much of the waiting around involved with going to a traditional store.

However, many ecommerce companies are focusing on the wrong things when they’re developing their sites.

Author of the article Ishan Anand, co-founder and CTO of Moovweb, said that many businesses focus on the first-page load time when in fact they should be looking at the speed of transitions within their sales process.

He revealed that the average ecommerce session on a mobile phone lasts for three minutes and includes six pages. Each of these pages takes seven seconds to load and that means for nearly 20 per cent of a session, the user is waiting.

Mr Anand argued that rather than looking for ways to cut a second off the first-page load time, ecommerce firms should instead be looking at how to reduce browsing speed to under a second.

“As a user, that certainly makes for a better experience,” he asserted.

If you’re not sure where to start with all of this, getting help with web development in Marlow is a good place to start.

Improving your web page transition times will help all the browsers who come to your site. We recently pointed to the importance of online to offline (O2O) consumers, who carry out research online before going to the shops to make a purchase.

They, too, will appreciate fast transitions as they’re moving around your site comparing products and making a purchasing decision.

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