Why It’s Worth Investing In Web Design

Why It’s Worth Investing In Web Design

It’s no secret that consumers are increasingly swayed by a business’ online presence when making purchasing decisions, but if you thought that your DIY website would be enough to hold onto them, you might want to start looking for help with web development in Beaconsfield.

A recent article for Techbullion pointed out that a well-designed website can significantly improve your sales. Having one that’s been well thought out and properly designed is going to be much more effective at channeling customers into your sales funnel than one you’ve thrown together yourself.

It’s not just the structure of the site that can turn visitors off – poorly selected images and badly written copy can also see some customers leave in favour of your competitors.

Another reason why hiring a professional web developer is money well spent is that you won’t need to spend hours learning coding, not to mention the tried-and-tested SEO best practices that are essential nowadays to rank well in search engines.

Many of the things you need to do for SEO purposes are basic common sense when you think about it – like having proper html tags for all of your images – but they’re easy to overlook when you’re in the midst of a design and it’s not your main area of expertise.

It’s also worth making sure you know the difference between web design and web development. An article for Value Walk recently explained that, fundamentally, web development is responsible for the functionality and usability of a site, while web design refers more to the graphics and content that’s on the website.

However, it stressed that these areas of expertise are inextricably linked, which means developers and designers often work together to create the best online presence for their clients.

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