What Is Human-Centred Design?

What Is Human-Centred Design?

It’s all very well and good coming up with a great idea for an app but if the finished product isn’t something that people will be able to use or get something out of it, it’s basically wasted time, effort and money.

This is where human-centred design can really come into its own, with the designers working on the app operating with the intended users in mind at all times, allowing them to come up with worthwhile products and nothing but good user experiences.

You have to think about the needs of the consumer first – which means you need to have an excellent understanding of your target market and what they’re all about. If you don’t already have this information at your fingertips, now’s the time to really research them and find out as much as you can about them.

Once you’ve done this and you can work out potential problems that your customers may well face in the future, you can then start to think about how you and your brand (and your new app) could help them tackle these issues as and when they arise.

Once you’ve identified a consumer need and have worked out how you can provide a solution, you’re then ready to start looking into app development and talking to a London mobile app development company like Crisp Digital.

Take a look at the apps for smartwatches as a good example of how they have been designed with people in mind, first and foremost. Because the screens are so much smaller, they’ve been developed to have strong voice user interfaces – which customers no doubt appreciate!

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