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SEO, “Search Engine Optimization” is the process of optimizing your website targeted at specific keywords to appear higher in the rankings in the Google Search network organic listings.
Keywords or Key Phrases are sometimes referred to as Search Phrases. These are the words or sentences that are used to signpost Google to the relevant content on that page of your website.

For SEO campaigns that have a value of less than £500 per month spend,  you will select your preferred keywords.

For campaigns with a spend of over £500 per month, we will carry out keyword research, looking at what your competitors are using, the preferred terms as per the content on your website and what you ‘should’ be found for, by Google.

This service is available for smaller campaigns at a one-off cost that can be discussed with your accounts manager.

SERP Reports explained
A Search Engine Ranking Report which we produce every month and is used to track your current and lifetime Google positions by keyword, on the left-hand side, and a numerical number which is the position of your website at the time of report creation.
Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research
A Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research report, compares the rankings of your keywords against those of your key competitors. The cost can be discussed with your account manager.
SEO Ready Site
We refer to your site as SEO ready – we have verified how long your site takes to load, confirm that the meta data and blogging is implemented, as well as the structure of the code behind the scenes that Google is looking at.
Meta Data
Meta Data is hidden data that sits within your website’s code. It is used to create the advert (snippet of text) that is displayed on a Google search results page. Meta data exists for every single page, post and image on your website.
Load Time or Load Speed
Refers to the scientifically calculated time that it takes your website to load, we use tools such as GTMetrix and Pingdom tools test load times and load speeds.
90 days for traction
SEO is a long-term process and can take up to three months before traction is seen, initially Meta Data must be created and implemented, and full onsite analysis and modifications must be made.

Once the site is deemed SEO Ready off-site work begins and your site is submitted to Google. Google will ‘crawl’ your website on a weekly basis to look for changes and updates, it may take up to 12 crawls (3 Months) before your ranking begin to improve.

Crawling is the process Google undertake to look at your website, its code and its content, manual crawl submissions can be made however it is at Google discretion as to when they crawl the website.
Off Site SEO
Is the process of managing the website within Google Webmaster’s Tools, building links from other sites back to your site (backlinks) and encompasses certain domain rankings and other external factors that are not related to the build of your website.
Backlinks and Link Building
Refer to links from other sites across the internet that are directed at your website, there are good and bad backlinks, Historically, Google would focus on the quantity, however, their recent algorithm updates, now focus on the quality of links.

A link to a construction company from an accountant would be classed as a poor link and may be damaging and affect your ranking on Google. However, a link to the same construction company from a news website like the BBC or The Telegraph would be classified as a high quality backlink.

How can I accelerate / boost my SEO
Additional, regular, relevant content or blogs are an effective way to boost SEO, as are relevant links from other websites, social media and other PR like articles. SEO is a time-consuming process that takes time to complete and time for Google to respond to online action.
PR (Page Rank), Alexander Ranking & Moz Ranking
Are external rankings calculated by external bodies, these indicated specific issues and are tools that we use when required. You don’t need to understand these just be aware of them.