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Land Reward is an innovative concept in which users can ‘register’ land or property that could be of interest such as abandoned, derelict or vacant houses, offices and shops amongst others. If a user is the first to register a location then the ‘find’ is classified as exclusively theirs. Land Reward then determine if the ‘find’ is comercially viable and, if so, then the user recieves a 25% share of any money earnt in the event of a sale! A truly original approach to solving the lack of land issue for investors in property which required the development of a website and an app through which to operate.

The Brief

The Brief

Solve the lack of land issue for investors in property by creating a system for users to report vacant houses and derelict properties in exchange for cash.

The Result

Apple and Android Mobile Applications from which users can easily report land they believe is abandoned. In addition, a website www.landreward.uk was built which explains the app and its usage. 

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