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It’s Awesome August!

On your marks…get set…go on holiday!

Many of us have been excited about the prospect of getting away following #FreedomDay, even if it just means a few days away from the office enjoying the freedoms close to home.

For others, running a business is demanding and the idea of stepping away completely, even if just for a short time, can feel unnerving.

However, think about the benefits to taking that well-earned break, …not just to you, but for your business as well. Time away provides perspective, you’re not drowning in the day-to-day and can see your business through a different lens.

Whenever our CEO is away, he always comes back fizzing with ideas, bouncing around the office, motivated and his enthusiasm upon his return is highly infectious!

It’s fantastic living in a digital world, but the downside can mean that your business follows you… even when you’re sipping cocktails on the beach.

Whilst it’s nice to so easily stay in touch with employees and customers, consider how this habit may be affecting your mental health.

Scientific evidence purports that time away from work is essential to maintaining good physical and mental health. A holiday can actually increase productivity at work. (It certainly does in our office!) Show up as your best self, by giving yourself a break every so often and you and your business can reap the benefits.

The key to being able to relax and enjoy your break without worry is planning, preparation and automation.

Are you ready?

Some things to consider before you leave the office

Let your team and key associates know how long you’ll be away and what the expectations are.
Email key customers so they won’t feel frustrated if they can’t get hold of you:

  • How long you’ll be gone?
  • Will you be checking your emails at certain times?
  • Who is their point of contact in your absence?
  • When should they expect to hear directly from you again?

Set up your out of office / auto-responder providing the same information.

seo image

Review Repetitive Tasks

Have a think about which tasks you do frequently in your business. Are you spending lots of time on small tasks that could be automated?
Your holidays are the perfect time to think about automating some of those processes, so there is not loads waiting for you when you get back!

For example, if you are spending time on purchase orders every week, perhaps set up an auto-ship agreement and adjust the delivery times on the website. You can also use automation to track your current inventory and reorder when needed.

The list of things you can automate is endless! Here are a few more ideas from us:

  • Consider a payroll processing service.
  • Use a task management system to create assignments, set due dates and manage workflow. We use Active Collab.
  • Schedule your campaign emails so you can still that promote a product, share news, or tell a story whilst you’re deciding on which restaurant to head to for dinner. 
  • Set up your social media calendar and use tools to ensure you still have a presence whilst you are away.
  • Put an auto responder on your social media messengers.
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads can help you grow your reach on each platform; you can create the ads, turn them on, and let them do the work while you take a break from social networks too.
  • Google Re-marketing Ads is another great way to recapture your customers attention if they visit your website whilst you are away.
  • Add a meeting booking system to your email auto-responder – and don’t forget to limit the times when people can book to suit you when you are back. No one wants a full day of meetings the Monday they return to work.
  • If a customer gets in touch on your website, make sure the form goes straight into your sales pipeline so that your team have visibility and so do you on your return.

There is just so much you can do to automate your small business. And if you are thinking “not for my business, there is nothing I can automate”, well chat to us in a free consultation and let’s come up with ideas together.

Finally…make sure you enjoy your break, you deserve it!

Written by: Shevvy Smullen

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