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Is Facebook Ads The Best Fit For Your Business?

It’s 2024, so if you’re not using the power of social media marketing, the main question to ask is whyever not?

That said, there are plenty of different social media platforms to choose from, and depending on the products or services you’re offering and the nature of your business, some may be better suited than others.

Then there’s the small matter of your budget, which will usually mean you can’t afford to advertise everywhere, meaning you’ll need to choose wisely when drawing up your marketing strategy.

One of the most popular social media platforms for advertising is Facebook. So here we’ll be taking a look at the world’s third most-visited website to see whether it’s a good fit for your business. 


Businesses That Suit Facebook Ads

Although pretty much any business can be advertised on Facebook, some will usually have more success than others.

Businesses that thrive with Facebook marketing tend to be those with strong visual appeal or engaging online content, such as fashion boutiques, restaurants, cafes, beauty salons and fitness studios. 

Think of the best ad campaigns you’ve seen while scrolling through Facebook – these tend to be the ones that are best at selling their products with attention-grabbing imagery. 

Additionally, service-based businesses like estate agents and event organisers benefit from targeted advertising and community engagement. These can also show off their offerings with professional images or video, maximising their click-through rate.

In addition, if you own a local business such as a coffee shop or food company then you can target local users within your catchment area, allowing you to connect with your community, build relationships, promote events, drive foot traffic and showcase your offerings.

Facebook Ads has a number of tools that allow you to target customers in a number of different ways, making it an effective platform for the right type of business.


Businesses That Don’t Suit Facebook Ads

Businesses with limited visual appeal like industrial suppliers, B2B services and highly technical products that can’t be expressed succinctly in images or video may find Facebook ads a less effective strategy.

Additionally, if you’re selling high-priced products then you may struggle to generate immediate returns from Facebook ads, as users often browse casually and usually aren’t looking for serious purchases whilst they’re on the site.

You also need to think about the demographics you’re targeting. If you’re targeting older customers or those in specific industries, which Facebook doesn’t currently allow, then an alternative platform may be better suited for you.

When all is said and done, the suitability of Facebook ads depends on the target market, the product/service you’re offering, whether or not you have good images/video content and your advertising goals.

If you’re in search of help with your online strategy and you want to connect with a social media marketing agency in Buckinghamshire, get in touch to discuss your needs.

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