When upgrading to new email accounts our recommendations:
Published 30th December 2017
Updated 30th April 2018 
Free Upgrade to 10GB IMAP Mailboxes

It’s important to understand where your email is stored. If your current mail settings use POP its likely emails are stored on your local machine or within your current mail client. If your existing mail provider is using the IMAP setting then mail is stored remotely as well as being visible on your machine.

Backing up your current emails is essential, as mentioned above, if you were using POP to connect to the server there is a strong chance your emails are stored on your computer and therefore you must backup emails before continuing.

You can backup your outlook PST file by following this link:


You now have two options:

If you were using POP mail you can simply edit your account setting from within your email client. You must update your: Email address, username, password, incoming and outgoing settings.

(Please note any mail that has been left on the server will be downloaded again when connecting to the new server as the email migration has taken place. You may wish to login to stackmail.com and delete any mail you have already downloaded before connecting)

If you were using IMAP you will need to delete existing mail accounts from your email client before adding your new settings as new accounts, if you have offline mail ensure this is backed up before deleting existing IMAP accounts and adding them again. We recommend the use of IMAP should you connect to your email account from a mobile email client.

We offer a email setup service via a remote session however this is a chargable service.

Username                       Your Email  Address.
Password                        Use the email account’s password.
Incoming Server          imap.stackmail.com (for POP3 use pop3.stackmail.com)
IMAP Port                        (143 for non-SSL)
POP3 Port                       (110 for non-SSL)
Outgoing Server          smtp.stackmail.com
SMTP Port                       (25 or 587 for non-SSL)

Webmail: stackmail.com

Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.

Webmail: http://www.stackmail.com/

Note: We also work with a number of preium services providers such as Microsoft 365, Google G-Suit & Forteon Cloud

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