Don’t Let Your Site Speed Let You Down

Don’t Let Your Site Speed Let You Down

Once you have invested in the best SEO for your High Wycombe based business then you need to make sure that you don’t let your site speed get you down.

Slow site speed can cause a number of problems, mainly people not bothering to load your website as it is too slow and also you getting low search engine optimisation rankings from Google as a result of this.

Google will test your website’s speed as part of its site indexing, and if any of your URLs are slow it will downgrade them. You can see how each of your individual URLs perform in Google Search console.

So what can you do to speed them up?


  1. Make sure your files aren’t too large

Images that aren’t suitable for the web are a big culprit here with images that are too large slowing everything down as they take so long to load.

Instead make sure all people using your website know to use the correct resolution (about 72 ppi) and see if you can use a file compressor to minimise the size of the rest.


  1. Use website caching

This is a great way of speeding up the website for regular users and allows your users to only download the content for your websites once it has been updated.


  1. Use a better host

Your host needs to be able to deal with the amount of traffic you have easily without it slowing the website down for users.

Use Google Developers tools for page insights.

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