Almost Two-Thirds Of UK Ad Spend To Be Online By 2020

Almost Two-Thirds Of UK Ad Spend To Be Online By 2020

When you’re working towards a website design that’s not, necessarily, for eCommerce purposes, you may be considering the role that advertising will play in providing your site with revenue streams. Well, you may be interested to know that according to a new report, the majority of ad spend in the UK will be spent online, according to Marketing Week.

According to the Advertising Pays report, UK advertisers will place 62 per cent of adverts online by 2020, making it Europe’s largest online advertiser, and trailing globally only to China and the US. However, advertising expenditure in comparison to size of the economy placed the UK in the top spot.

Last year, digital spend represented a value of £13.4 billion, making up 57 per cent of an overall advertising expenditure of £23.6 billion. This has made for a valuable industry which supports over 300 UK-based companies and tens of thousands of skilled workers.

Stephen Woodford, chief executive of the Advertising Association. Described how the UK is now a powerhouse in online advertising which could drive further economic growth: “With the right conditions, UK advertising can play a fundamental role in the UK’s future growth, not just within our borders but in how we do business with people worldwide.” he said.

The report also found that it’s small and medium size businesses which are really starting to reap the rewards of digital advertising. More of these businesses are advertising online than ever before. Only 30 per cent spent on online advertising in 2013, rising to 42 per cent in 2017.

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