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5 Quick Tips For New Business Websites

There are well over one billion websites on the world wide web, meaning creating a brand new and innovative website for your business is a little challenging.

It is expected in the digital age that every business will have a website and social media presence, and you must ensure your website looks professional to improve the reputation of your brand. We have a look at five tips for developing your new business website.

1. Make it visual

When you visit a website, you expect to be presented with suitable visuals. When designing your site, make sure you pick a theme and colour scheme that works for your business and is easy to navigate.

Use complementary graphics to your business’s purposes and product listings so your customers can see exactly what they’re buying. Make sure you use legible and suitable fonts for your daily test too.

2. Remember mobile-friendliness

Mobile browsing is increasing and it means you should use a responsive website design that adapts to a wide range of screens of different sizes in an aesthetically pleasing way.

3. Use a suitable eCommerce platform

If you are selling products or services through your website, it is important to make sure that you are using a suitable eCommerce platform for your needs. There are eCommerce platforms to suit everyones level of comfort with using web development tools.

4. Quality, not quantity

You might be brimming with ideas, but avoid overloading your website with too much content. Providing engaging and suitably written content can be a great opportunity for interacting and informing your customers. It can also be beneficial for your SEO rankings.

5. Clear information

Ensure that your website is simple and easy on the eye, and clearly shows key information such as contact details, categories, and calls to action. This makes your website easy to navigate and more appealing for the consumer.

If you want to develop your business site, and looking for website design in Marlow, talk to us today.

To find out how Crisp can help you grow your digital revenue please contact us here or take our Digital Scorecard and find out how you can get better today.

To find out how Crisp can help you grow your digital revenue, please Contact Us or take our Digital Scorecard to find out how you can improve today.

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