41% Of Shoppers Prefer Ecommerce Sites

41% Of Shoppers Prefer Ecommerce Sites

Twenty years ago, all shopping was done in retail stores – from groceries to clothes. However, with the launch of ecommerce, this trend has shifted significantly, resulting in a huge number of people shopping on their electronic devices rather than in-store.

According to the latest data from Paymentsense, 41 per cent of those under 40 prefer online shopping, UKTech reported.

Its survey, commissioned with YouGov BrandIndex, also revealed that as well as being more convenient, buying online was a lot more quicker and easier than physically going to a shop.

Indeed, 37 per cent of those aged between 16 and 24 revealed purchasing off the internet has made them more impatient, while nearly two-thirds of respondents say they prefer online shopping due to the greater choice and access to deals, and the same proportion favour it as it means they can avoid waiting in line.

Chief marketing officer at Paymentsense Guy Moreve said: “A long queue, a faulty payment device, or a ‘cash-only’ sign not only frustrates consumers but will stop them from returning.”

He added that failing to improve customer service in retail premises will “hinder their growth” in the future.

The merchant services provider also recommended retail stores find a way of removing queues, such as with new technology, so the in-store shopping experience can be as smooth as it is online.

Even if shops improve their services, the popularity of online shopping could be hard to beat.

According to the Royal Mail’s Delivery Matters report, 87 per cent of retail purchases, not including grocery shopping, are made online. This represents an increase of nine per cent from the previous year, proving the popularity of ecommerce is continuing to rise.

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